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Many minds, One vision

We thrive in the culture of ideas fostered by the spirit of collaboration. The fiercely talented contributors in our projects are all propelled by a clear vision. Our guiding principle is thoughtful design. Not opulence for its own sake, but care and craft in every detail.

An award-winning architecture and interior design practice, Architects EAT has been making waves since its inception. Starting as a small three-person team, the Melbourne based outfit has grown insize and reputation, procuring prestigious projects across Australia and Asia.

Recipients of multiple national awards, the team at EAT are driven by a distinct philosophical approach rather than a predetermined style. Always breaking new ground, their creations bear little resemblance to each other.

Architects EAT


A love of collaboration, an influential outlook on interior design, and a timeless aesthetic are just some of the hallmarks of Adele Bates Design. Adele’s fundamental belief in refined, detailed design that exudes quality has received many accolades, and resulted in the spectacular success of her practice.

A multi-disciplinary studio with a portfolio featuring multi-residential, hospitality and commercial projects, Adele Bates Design continues to have a significant impact on the Australian design scene.

Adele Bates Design


His once humble practice has grown to become Australia’s premier landscape architecture studio. But Principal Jack Merlo still gives every project his personal attention, right from the initial client brief. As a result, he always offers an individual and considered response to the vision of his client.

Jack brings an ordered and organic form to the built environment through his unique architectural approach to landscape design. As the size of his projects increase, Jack’s guiding philosophy remains unchanged – to create spaces people can enjoy for years to come.

Jack Merlo Design


Self-titled have expertise that extends from branding and communications to spatial and digital design. At the heart of each project lies effective communication underpinned by a driving creative idea – inspiring multiple campaigns and working across multiple platforms.

Self-titled work to intimately understand each client’s unique business, industry, target demographic and objectives. The studio use creativity to develop strategies which solve business problems, building brands and revenue. The result is clear, direct and memorable design that works.


Lyn Balzer and Tony Perkins are Australian born artists, working together in a relationship that is almost symbiotic extending beyond art, design and fashion. Their creative forays have led them to discover scent as a medium of expression.

Through their acclaimed exhibition ‘Scented Intoxication’, they have explored a diverse range of materials treated with their signature custom-made scents, L’Obscurite and L’Etrangete. Both scents were developed as part of an installation at The Venice Biennale of Architecture 2016 & are currently featured in “The Pool” exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria. In collaboration with VOLUME, they are looking forward to capturing the essence of the Australian home.


Renowned for an artistic approach to interior design, Fiona Lynch is a design studio that excels in achieving wonderfully resolved outcomes across residential, hospitality and retail projects.

Led by award-winning director Fiona Lynch, and driven by the multidisciplinary expertise of her team, their work is celebrated for its emotive sensibility to materiality and light.

Each project is approached individually and holistically, aligning design vision with business objectives. This thorough methodology ensures the consistent delivery of design outcomes that are globally regarded for harnessing the quiet brilliance of minimalism and materiality with lasting impact.

Fiona Lynch

At Volume, we foster creative collaboration by assembling unique teams of talented individuals for each project. Each new development by Volume is part of a rich anthology – crafted by different hands, but delivered under the same vision.